I Don't Want You To "Not See Color."

I have been trying to make an effort to be more consistent with my posting, but current events have just knocked me on my bum. I've been sucked into in a deep hole of disappoint with America and it's been difficult to string my thoughts together.

I had a very lengthy post written on my feelings about what's going on in this America of ours. I laid out must watch videos to explain to the ignorant, here is what is wrong but I've sadly realized nothing I explain or proclaim will change the deeply seated issues this country has with race.

Last year the Trayvon Martin case had a large impact on me, especially after covering some of it for Global Grind, and this year between the court decision in the case of Mike Brown, followed by Eric Garner, followed by the shooting of Tamir Rice, I have just felt completely angered, hurt and mind f*cked. I've tried to be as vocal as possible in sharing news, statistics such as this and this, trying to  make an impact on the unaware and the insensitive. I've spent way too much of my life arguing with ignorance on Facebook and un-friending people when they do things like defend MURDER against someone unarmed and 35 feet away.  I mean nothing made me more hopeless than seeing that people really, ACTUALLY thought the recent outcomes of these cases were justifiable and right. It's quite frightening and demoralizing, and I have seriously considered moving out of the country, #nolie.

With some shame, I admit I have been too concerned with trying to change minds and the lack of understanding and outrage from others  and I'm here to say I am stepping off of my soapbox, it is not serving me any good, and actually has been leading me to routine disappointment.

There are people that are unbothered or aren't concerned about racial injustices because it doesn't effect them. And to me, that's like being a man and not supporting women's rights, or being straight and not supporting gay rights, or being and adult and not fighting against child abuse. It's all f*cking horrendous! However, at the very same time, I find my sanity and am very happy to see that there is also a large amount of people, of ALL races, fighting for justice and equality. That gives me hope that we are not completely doomed.

"The problem was never that we saw color, it was what we did when we saw the color."

- Vema Myers

The topic of a "post racial" society is discussed a lot, but I actually think we need to replace "post racial" with "post racist." That should be the goal. I don't want people to not see color. I want people to see color and not act a damn fool or kill anyone when they see it. That's all.

“I don’t believe in post-racial. It’s like saying we should live in a post-gender world. But I love being a woman! I am interested in living in a post-sexist world and feel the same about race. I don’t want to live in a post-race world because being black is really exciting. I mean” – she laughs – “it’s who I am. I’m a woman, black, from New York, Aquarius – these are things that create who I am. I’m interested in living in a post-racist world, where being African-American doesn’t dictate limitations on what I can do – but I don’t want to live post-race. Our differences are so fascinating and wonderful. We don’t want to all be the same. Who wants that? Hitler did, but who else? 

- Kerry Washington

So, with that said I suggest you watch Vema Myers discussion on some steps to stopping violence against black men below and in the meantime, I'll just be displaying the love and empathy I wish to see and hoping that my children's children's children will be able to experience a kinder world than this one.