Every Solange Song That Helped Me Deal. 💔

The time has come! After four years since her last release, Solange is finally dropping new music tomorrow!


Solange is special to me. 

She played a crucial part in my most recent heart ache recovery. I named my heartbreak hotel playlist "Don't Do Me Any Favors" after one of her songs and actually fought the urge to fill it with her entire True album.

In celebration of new jams (hopefully good), I'd like to take this moment to highlight every Solange song that got me in my feelings, that I played religiously in hour long showers (sorry earth) and just helped me deal and feel not crazy.


But see I only wanted to be, be your girl
To love you in the ways you never know
But you can't love me, No you can't love
If you don't even love yourself
Oh I still wanna be there
But I got more enough in reasons
To see this ain't our season
I should be leavin'
Oh these leaves dancing in the dark

But you got my heart
And I don't want us to part baby
You're sweeter than spring
Nobody's ever been more
I know you'd give me the shirt off of your shoulders
You'd give me the world

But then T.O.N.Y called me one day
He said that he just called to say "hey"
And it wasn't until he called me back
That I realized I needed more than that
I'm a lot wiser and a little older
Hey baby it was nice to know ya
Goodbye T.O.N.Y

Tell me the truth boy, am I losing you for good?
We used to kiss all night, but now there's just no use
I don't know why I fight it, clearly we are through
Tell me the truth boy, am I losing you for good?

I know you're waiting for the rest that you can't get from me
Just treat me good and baby I'll give you the rest of me
I'm not the one, that you should be making your enemy
I'm not the one, that you should be making your enemy

I've seen you with the lights off
I've seen you and you think you love me
I've seen you with your hat off
I'm dreaming of a time you knew me

So baby, is it all you've got?
Tell me if you got some more
I'm thinking of some time off, off
I'm dreaming of a time that you knew me

Some things never seem to fucking work.

But baby
No one wants to be with someone who don't care, so say if you don't want me
You know I love you, I love being yo girl
But please don't do me any favors.