Low Down Loretta Brown Jewels.

"The universe is reinventing me right now."

"I'm not a feminist or any -ist. That's the problem, when you go too far that's when you become kind of robots and soldiers to causes that are unnecessary. I'm just a humanist, a person who is concerned with the growth of us as people."

"There is no particular route or way that people are supposed to go, not one path... Some people marry early, some people marry later. I think with relationships, every relationship I've been in and any of these women, when you fall in love, you really respect someone and have a great chemical connection you expect it to be something that last forever-everever, you do. But sometimes people change and if you don't chemically match, you move on and the easier you can do that, the more you can grow."

"We have to grow at our own rate, and it's not a race to be the most mature."

"I eat like a vegan, but I'm not a member of any organization."

"When you meet someone, I don't fight it. If there's something there, it doesn't mean you're supposed to be in a relationship necessarily. It might mean there's something that you're supposed to exchange, a place that you can help the person go, or a place that they can help you go. It doesn't necessarily mean a relationship every time. When I was much younger I thought that though. I thought that every time I felt this energy between someone that it meant oh he's my boyfriend now... it's the way I was taught."

"Evolving requires elimination. You have to eliminate the things that no longer evolve you."